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Profiles of people ministering both in our local church and overseas will be placed on this page, that you may become acquainted with the faces and background of these fellow Christians. Please be patient, as this material is still being compiled!

Pastor Profile: Brian Harper
The Rev. Brian D. Harper has served as the Pastor of the Noble Park Evangelical Baptist Church since March 1994.

Following graduation from the Melbourne Bible Institute in 1969 Brian married Christine Manning in May 1970. Shortly after that they went to Brian’s native Belfast, N. Ireland, where Brian undertook further theological studies at the Irish Baptist College. Brian had come to Australia as a boy with his parents in 1952. In 1972 Brian and Christine and daughter Ruth returned to Australia where Brian worked as a Branch Manager for a Finance Company. Two years later Brian was called to the Lygon Street Church of Christ in Carlton, an inner suburb of Melbourne. (This Church later became an Independent Church known as the Lygon Street Christian Chapel.) Brian was Pastor at this Church for 6 years. During this time Brian became a Board member and lecturer at the Evangelical College of Biblical Studies also located in Carlton. As part of the ministry of the Lygon Street Church a new congregation was planted out in the Vermont South area of Melbourne. This congregation became known as the Vermont South Evangelical Church.

After a period of pastoring both congregations Brian eventually went to the Vermont South congregation in a tent-making capacity until 1985. Brian then served in a number of areas including Field Director of the Bible Union of Australia and Regional Director of the Slavic Gospel Association. It was while Brian was in the USA in 1994 ministering with the Rev. Linleigh Roberts of Biblical Foundations International that he received the call to pastor what was his home church, the Noble Park Baptist Church in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Returning from the USA Brian entered into this ministry where he remains today. During the past 10 years Brian, through his relationship with Biblical Foundations International and representing the congregation at Noble Park, has been able to exercise a wider ministry in a number of overseas countries including Macedonia and Cambodia.

Brian and Christine have two children, Ruth and Stephen and five grandsons, Luke, Caleb, Nathan, Daniel and Jesse.