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Pooven Govender was a Hindu when he first became interested in studying the Bible and was soon drawn to the God of the Bible. He became a Christian in his late teens.
After completing his studies in Information Technology and Teaching, Pooven worked in IT at the University in his hometown of Durban, South Africa. In 1998 he took up a job offer in Australia and settled his family in Melbourne and at Noble Park Evangelical Baptist Church, where he now serves as an elder, while still working for an IT company.
In 2010 Pooven graduated from Ridley Melbourne with a Graduate Diploma of Divinity.
He is married to Kathy, and they have two young adult daughters.

Sermons: 14  Series: 1 

Andrew Bawden is the Head of Biblical Studies at Waverley Christian College in Melbourne. He is a gifted teacher whose passion and acknowledged educational skill have come together in the development of the Biblical Turning Points resources.

Sermons: 2  Series: 1 

Misson Director at European Missionary Fellowship.

The European Missionary Fellowship actively works in partnership with God's people, his church, to spread the good news of Jesus Christ throughout Europe by supporting a growing network of missionaries, pastors, leaders and workers and by providing a core Bible-centred training programme.

Sermons: 1  Series: 1